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We Asked… Teaching Children Manners

We Asked Children Manners
This fall we asked our readers: What are your favorite tips for teaching children manners?

We Asked Children MannersThis fall we asked our readers:

What are your favorite tips for teaching children manners? Or share a story with us of kids and etiquette gone wrong!

I like teaching “please” and “thank you” from an early age. We start around 10 months and teach manners early!
Taylor Speikers

Set a good example!! You cannot expect your children to respect you or others if you aren’t showing them respect.
– Katie Hale

We teach so much by example. Using your own manners in a calm and natural way every day and expecting it from your children is the best way for a child to learn. They need to learn at home at the dinner table and also have the chance to try it out in public. It worked out beautifully for me with my now young adult children.
Wendy Walker Cushing

Do unto others…I try to be an example to my children at all times, which includes being polite even when deep down you feel the urge to no be. Thumper said it best: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”
Jana Seitzer

Do not accept anything less than good manners at home. If you want something you must say please and when you’re given something you must say thank you. Using your own good manners as an example in addition makes it normal and natural for kids.
Jen St Germain Leeman

Explain to them what is expected, and if they are rude or throw a tantrum, send them to the corner or their room and let them know they can return “When you are ready to be sweet”. Stick to it or it doesn’t work, and ask other adults who try to give them a pass to please help you by not saying it’s “Not a big deal, they are just kids”…it’s important to raise polite kids! 
Penelope Guzman

I totally agree with all the others: Set a good example!
– Marybeth Hamilton

Start early! And set a good example!
– Marisa Atwood

Setting a good example is KEY! Children learn by what they see!
Sara P. 

For a long time, encouraging our son to say “please” and “thank you” felt like it was going nowhere. But he’s finally learned what “apologize” means, and he’s showing manners without being prompted. Continued reinforcement really works!
– Julie O’Neill Johnston

The best way is being a role model yourself.
– Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

Starting early is the best tip. I started off with simple things like greeting saying good morning every morning, saying please and thank you, etc.. and then built on that as my son got older.
– Diane Nassy

We’d love it if you let us know how you introduced manners to your children!

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  • Maria Iemma

    Good manners will help your children all through their lives with family, friends, work and life in general. It is never too early to teach them how to behave in every situation;

  • Coco

    Great comments and Ideas. One sticks out to me about other adults. You have to the team on your side and for the first few years of teaching them to listen and pay attention to you, good manners and your family values you really must try and avoid other adults who may have a complementary doesn’t view. Or its like sabatoge!

  • Dove

    My daughter had a VERY hard time learning to eat with her mouth shut, and as a result her younger brother started to follow her lead. My special daughter is also an exceptionally stubborn and strong willed child so good eating manners actually turned into quite the battle that we fought for several years, which made eating as a family difficult because we spent the whole time fighting the “mouth” battle. What finally stopped it was that she got one warning and if she chewed with her mouth open again she got her food taken away and had to watch till the rest of us were done eating before she got her food back, it only took twice before she got very careful about eating with good manners.

  • Caryn

    I have a 2 year old that learned his manners with sign language at an early age. I had the struggle with the daycare he attends because they want him to verbally use his manners but even now as a two year old with a large vocabulary he still prefers to sign.

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