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Quick Closet Hack: Poise Wants You to #RecycleYourPeriodPad

Quick Closet Hack
Period pads are for periods, not for light bladder leakage (LBL). But what do you do with all the leftover period pads?


There are a few things we normally don’t discuss in polite public. What’s in our underwear being one of them. Unless you’re a pre-schooler. Then, anything is fair game!

I’ll get straight to the point. We’re talking about LBL, or Light Bladder Leakage, and it’s an issue that impacts the daily lives of those affected. As I’ve shared before in a previous post, it’s nothing to sneeze at! With the help of Poise® I’ve learned more about light bladder leakage and its impact.

What is LBL?

Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) is simply small leaks of urine. It can be caused by one or more of the following: pregnancy, childbirth, weak pelvic floor muscles, and even weight gain.

I’m potty training my youngest right now and it’s funny how I remind her to “stay dry” when it can actually be tough for some adults to do! LBL can be triggered by coughing, laughing, sneezing, and exercise. You might leak a little from a laugh or a sneeze or find yourself with a sudden urge to go.

What causes LBL?

Uninvited leaks can be caused by any (or a combination) of the following:

  • Physical changes from childbirth, pregnancy, hysterectomy or menopause
  • Being overweight
  • Complications from surgery, stroke, or chronic diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease
  • Bladder or urinary tract infections
  • Bladder irritants (certain foods and beverages)

How can I best manage my LBL?

The first line of defense is a quality pad or liner, ideally one that is designed especially for LBL. Women sometimes buy (or use leftover) period pads to manage their condition. There’s no need for the bulky discomfort or using materials made for something else. Poise® pads and liners are specifically designed for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). They are the easy choice for the 1 in 3 women who experience LBL.

Poise Pads

Now, I’m replacing my old pads with new Poise Thin-Shape pads. They feature Super Absorbent Material (SAM) and a Thin-Flex design. This allows them to deliver superior protection and are 3x drier than period pads†.

What will I do with the massive pad collection I happen to have in my closet? Recycle them, of course! Poise® recently inspired me to create a craft from the leftovers for their #RecycleYourPeriodPad campaign!

Pile of period pads

Out of my “pad hoard” shown above, I chose these ginormous pads leftover from my last maternity stay for my project today. They illustrate just how ridiculous pad sizes can be. And even though I am still knee-deep in potty training and would love to use any tools at my disposal, they’re even too big to use as liners for my little one!

Messy shoe closet

I’m no Martha Stewart so my house isn’t pristine. But I do like to be as organized as possible. One area of the house I’ve been struggling with has been my shoe area in my closet. I don’t want to ruin the surface of the shelves with wet or damp shoes, so I end up putting them on the floor instead of neatly away each use.

One of my newer pairs of flip flops became victim to a random piece of gum. Not something I want on my clean, white shelves!

Ginormous Pads

Leftover mega pads to the rescue! As you can see, they are actually larger than my own size 8.5 to 9 feet. Perfect to line the shelves and save them from any runoff or gum residue! I’ve got enough handy to rotate them out when they get dirty and the adhesive on the bottom of the pads gently sticks them to the shelf surface. (If you try this at home, do a test first!)

Tidy Shoe Closet

Want to see more creative ways to recycle unused pads? Visit the Poise website to see more #RecycleYourPeriodPad ideas and request free Poise® samples!

Many thanks to Poise for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to try Poise®, not period pads, for LBL!


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  • shopwithmemamakim

    Oh my!! What a great idea! I never would have thought to do this. Now I just have to organize my closet!!

  • Well, huh. I never would have thought to do that. In the winter with all the mud, it would be especially helpful.

  • Crystal

    Gosh, the kids’ shoes get so filthy. I wonder if they’d let me put these as liners in their closets.

  • Ronni Keller

    Seriously, how clever is that!
    Living here in the desert we get some pretty dirty shoes. Such a great idea!

  • Michelle

    That is such a clever idea! I love how it can prevent messes and also scratching of the closet.

  • Jeannetteq

    What a great idea and I would never have come up with it! I love seeing regular products turned into something useful!

  • Shoes definitely endure a lot. So, this is such a clever idea!

  • It happens to the best of us, it really does. Glad there are so many options out there!

  • moscatomom

    This campaign cracks me up. I have to admit – you guys have come up with some pretty interesting uses. I think I would still donate mine to a womens shelter though LOL


      great idea

  • Valerie Remy-Milora

    I love that we can approach this unpleasant topic with humor with campaigns such as these… I have two teen girls at home so no unused pads for now

  • I can relate to this post. Menopause does cause leakage and I used my liners for a small mole that had to be removed from my backside that was hard to keep a bandage on. So, I just taped one of them in the area and it worked perfectly

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