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Goal Setting for Kids

Goal Setting for Kids
Already ditched this year’s resolutions? Commit to positive change that will last.

Goal Setting for Kids

Every year millions of people set (and usually forget) their New Year’s resolutions. By the time the trees bud, many have already given up. The trick to making resolutions stick is to forget the hype and focus on the reason behind the desired change. Here are some of our favorite ways to encourage your kids to set achievable goals.

Be realistic. Setting hyper-specific goals can leave you and your child frustrated. Losing ten pounds doesn’t sound unreasonable, but if you don’t hit that exact number, it’s discouraging. Encourage resolutions that are a little more generic so that it’ll be easier to persevere even when a specific goal isn’t met.

Don’t imply inadequacy. Make sure your child’s resolutions focus on who they are rather than who they aren’t. Create a resolution that enhances their strengths instead of their weaknesses.

Embrace knowledge and education. Rather than saying, “I will get better at math,” encourage your kids to learn and grow in multiple areas. Encourage independent research about subjects of interest, or invest in encyclopedias, books, games, or apps that will help further your child’s education.

By giving your kids and your family long-term goals that encourage growth and play to your strengths, you can help make your lives healthier and happier.

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Katie Hale

Katie Hale

Katie is an author, homeschooling mother, plus size wannabe fashionista, and woman on a mission to change her life for the better. She has a voice in many areas that are sure to resonate with you.

  • I’m trying to get my kid on the SMART goal system, that way the goal is precise and she knows what to really work on. The most important thing in goal setting is really setting them up for success, giving them goals that you know they can achieve if they put their mind into it. Thanks for sharing your post! I enjoyed reading it!

  • I love how you pointed out that there should be several goals and not just one. I believe that Goal setting is very important and it gives kids something to work towards as the school year goes on.

  • Bonnie G

    So true. For myself every year I set a resolution and always mess up on it. Setting realistic goals is a better way and much greater for kiddos so they don’t feel like they have failed.

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    Keeping kids positive is very important and coaching them on how to set realistic and smart goals is a large part of being a parent. Taking note of things they are interested in may be the first step on how to encourage them to take certain paths. At the end of it all, being proud of their achievements and efforts will mean the world to them.

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