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30 Days to Better Grades: Day 29 – Go Above and Beyond

Better Grades - Go Above and Beyond

Curiosity is an important component for learning. Engaged learners are not content with the information presented by the teacher in class. Engaged learners crave more and go to great lengths to find it. Students who catch hold of a concept and conduct their own additional research or investigation outside of school time warm a teacher’s heart.

Encourage curiosity in your child by providing outside opportunities to investigate subjects of interest. Seek out books, websites, or movies on topics he or she is studying in class. Watch relevant television shows or documentaries together, or introduce him or her to experts who may know more. Visit museums or attend concerts, programs, or plays. Curious students go above and beyond what is expected and gain additional knowledge and insight in the process.

Today’s Task

Extend learning outside the classroom by encouraging curiosity.


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