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30 Days to Better Grades: Day 22 – Connect

Better Grades - Connect

Explore intersectionality. By helping your child find the connections between each subject, you can help make learning easier, deeper, and more meaningful. In particular, finding connections between a favorite subject and a difficult subject can make the difficult subject more bearable.

If geometry is difficult for your child, try to pair it with art (e.g., tessellations). Too many names and dates to remember in history? Let the narrative of a historical fiction book add a little more humanity to the facts. Struggling with fractions? Use recipes to show how they work in the real world. Struggling with plot lines? Use a favorite television show or movie as an example. Making learning relevant through real world connections makes it pertinent and thereby more interesting.

Today’s Task

Find ways to connect your child’s weakest subject areas to your child’s favorite subject areas. Use real world examples to create deeper meaning and understanding.


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