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30 Days to Better Grades: Day 9 – Get Engaged

Better Grades - Get Engaged

There’s a big difference between a student who is physically present and a student who is mentally present. The physically present student simply takes up space. The mentally present student is noticeably engaged in whatever is happening in the classroom. Their brains are firing on all cylinders, and they’ll be more likely to remember the lesson because they’re actively participating in it.

Your child has to be engaged in order to learn. This means asking relevant questions, participating in class discussions, and persevering through tough assignments. Remind your child that some answers don’t come easily, and that the process of arriving at an answer is often just as important as the answer itself.

You can practice active engagement at home. The next time you watch your favorite program together, ask your child to come up with a list of questions they have about the show (e.g., who, what, why, when, where, and how). When you discuss the show (or book or multimedia article) together, encourage your children to listen and ask follow-up questions.

Today’s Task

Prime your child to ask questions in the classroom by practicing at home. We’d love to hear your sample questions and how you and your child did!


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