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30 Days to Better Grades: Day 10 – Make an Impression

Better Grades - Make an Impression

Teachers are human, too. Though they work hard to set aside personal feelings and biases, it’s often difficult to do one-hundred percent of the time. As class sizes expand, teachers are forced to decide where their efforts will best be served. A parent with more than one child should understand this. Often despite your best efforts, there’s no perfect way to divide your time and attention.

Encourage your child to make the teacher’s job easier—it can make a great impression. Grading hundreds of assignments is an exercise in endurance. Hand in assignments that are neat, clean, and always on time. Let your children know why it’s important to be considerate, and set the expectation that they will behave in class as they do at home.

While good behavior doesn’t necessarily mean good grades, it does make teachers feel like their efforts are being appreciated. The result? More attention and energy directed toward your child.

Today’s Task

Set classroom behavior expectations with your child; it won’t necessarily boost grades, but it will make the teacher more receptive to your child’s needs.


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