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30 Days to Better Grades: Day 16 – Midway Attitude Check

Better Grades - Midway Attitude Check

Yesterday you evaluated the learning space. Today you’re going to evaluate attitude.

Learning requires a complex mix of intelligence, hard work, grit, and attitude. Throw any of those aspects out of whack and learning becomes harder. Does your child:

Seem happier?

Feel less stressed?

Feel like the new routines are helping him or her be a better student?

If so, you’re on the right track. However, if your child seems stubborn, resentful, or determined to sabotage the process, take a deep breath. Nothing will help your child improve until there’s an attitude adjustment. Students learn best when they’re happy and compliant. If neither of those words describes your child, you’re facing an uphill battle. 

Don’t give up! Now’s the time to adjust your approach. You know your child, and you need to be honest about your approach. You may need to lighten up or buckle down. Some children require a sense of independence to shine. Alternately, your child may need a little more help if he or she is struggling with certain concepts. 

Don’t offer a secondary reward unless you absolutely have to.

If grades aren’t particularly motivating to your child, tie grades to another kind of reward. Some parents pay for grades or require a certain grade point average to participate in extracurricular activities. Figure out what makes your child happy and compliant, and adjust as needed. 

Today’s Task

Take stock of everyone’s attitude. If everything’s working, keep on trucking. If you’re having problems, be honest with each other and find a way to fix it.


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