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30 Days to Better Grades: Day 26 – Study Games

Better Grades - Study Games

Learning should be fun. Today’s emphasis on standardized test scores, however, place emphasis on rigid standards, accountability, and competition. Luckily parents aren’t tied to the educational policies of public schools. Teach to your children’s hearts, and endeavor to make learning enjoyable.

One way to accomplish this is by playing study games. Make each question worth a point and play until your child earns a certain score. Try a game of Pictionary with this week’s vocabulary words. Practice spelling words in the sandbox. Challenge your child to a timed test and see who finishes first. Make the study guide into a board or card game. Ask the teacher for a list of educational computer games or applications that reinforce learning concepts or positive study habits. If you find ways to inject fun into studying, the investment will pay off.

Today’s Task

Make studying fun. Appeal to your child’s sense of play with the use of fun study games.


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