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30 Days to Better Grades: Day 7 – Study Students

Better Grades - Study Students

You can help your child identify positive and negative study habits through observation. Ask your child to politely identify the best and worst student in class. It’s important that you make it clear that this discussion is private—opinions should not be shared with the class. Once your child has identified those students, have him or her make a verbal list of behaviors exhibited by both students. What makes the strong student strong? What observable behaviors impede the other student’s learning?

Once your child has made a list of positive and negative behaviors, help your child use that information to evaluate him or herself. What behaviors, positive or negative, does your child exhibit? What’s one habit the strong student has that your child would like to have? What’s one negative habit your child observed that he or she would like to give up? Add these to the goal chart.

Today’s Task

Identify one positive learning behavior to adopt and one negative learning behavior to avoid. Set a goal and make a plan.


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