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30 Days to Better Grades: Day 19 – Take Your Time

Better Grades - Take Your Time

Time is precious, and homework often feels like an eternity. Add more than one kid to the mix and it can become an endurance session for the parents. You may be tempted to rush your child through the last little math problem or skip the twenty minutes of reading so you can watch your favorite show, but resist that temptation. Giving in will send the message that you aren’t committed to improvement. If you’re not committed, why should your child pretend to be?

Make sure your children know they should take their time. Learning cannot and should not be a rushed process. As Phil Dunphy from ABC’s Modern Family says, “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” Adopting a methodical approach also helps to ensure that the assignment or project is done right the first time. One and done (correctly) is a beautiful thing.

Today’s Task

Homework should take as long as it needs to. Teach your child to be thorough so that tasks are completed correctly the first time.


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