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The Perfect Parent: Fact or Fiction

Perfect Parent
Do you struggle to keep it together? Us too! Cyndi Wright shares her top three tips to keep your family on the level.

Perfect Parent

I groggily reach for my phone to check the time, and when I notice how late it is, I mouth a mild expletive and hop out of bed, racing to the kids’ room to begin my daily role of drill sergeant. I bark orders to get them up, motivated, and out the door with all their necessary belongings. On time.

Apparently I hit the snooze button one too many times.


Even the best routines get derailed, especially when stress silences that tiny voice inside my head that’s begging for structure and order. Luckily, I’ve found a few things I can do to help me coast during those times.

Think ahead

Something as simple as laying out clothes for the kids (and myself) the night before, or making tomorrow’s lunches while I’m already cooking dinner have proven invaluable. While I always intend to wake up early enough to do all these things in the morning, it’s nice having a safety net.

Take care of you

When I’m stressed, I often let myself go. It’s usually something small, like throwing on a hat instead of styling my hair, or opting for sweats instead of something more flattering. Whatever the case, when I take a little extra time to care for and groom myself, I feel much better.

Breathe, stretch, shake—and let it go

Are you agonizing about whether or not you’re the parent you want to be? You are wasting valuable time. Instead, spend time DOING the things you’d like to do better or more often. Whenever you feel guilt setting in, focus that energy on a plan of action instead.

There’s no such thing as a perfect parent, but if you’re trying, you’re amazing—and that’s more than enough!

About the author

Cyndi Wright

Cyndi is a full time Wife, Mom and Entrepreneur. She works hard to balance Faith, Family, and Career, all while making time for herself in the process; and encourages other parents to do the same!

  • melissa

    I really enjoyed reading these tips, as a parent and work at home blogger I am usually stressed and not dressed very well. Some days I feel terrible and a nice hot shower perks me right up and when I get dressed up even though I am just going to stay home, it really changes my overall attitude. I like to spray on a little perfume and watch out, I’m ready for anything!

  • I agree that it’s important to take care of yourself! I always feel better when I take the time to shower, get ready, and wear clothes I like, but to be honest that hardly ever happens. Thanks for reminding me how important that is!

  • Jennifer Juro

    This is our morning every day it seems!! Just this morning I told the kids its April and we still can’t get out the door on time for school. It’s hard to balance it all, and then once you think you found balance something throws it all off and for a loop again!

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