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Hitting the Road with a Teen in Tow

Teen Road Trip
Four tips for facing a long car ride with a bored teenager.

Teen Road TripHitting the road with a teenager can be challenging, especially if you have to convince them to go on a family trip in the first place.

  • Give ‘em space – Kids pushing your buttons? Before you blow your lid, remember that all children, especially teenagers, need their own space. If your destination allows, let them have some time on their own. Set up strict check-in parameters and a meet-up location.
  • Smarten up – With a smart phone or tablet, that is. Make sure your kid’s electronic devices are charged and ready. They can listen to music, watch TV or movies, or keep up with their friends.
  • Bring the headphones – Even if your teenager isn’t into music, he or she probably wants a little peace and quiet. Bring a pair of noise canceling headphones. They can listen to their own music (or any other multimedia) without bothering anyone else.
  • Bring a friend – If you can afford it, offer to bring one of your kid’s friends along. Having a friend gives them someone to socialize with when they’re less interested in hanging with the family.

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  • Jen St Germain Leeman

    I like these tips – I have a tween on my hands. She is just making the transition from little kid stuff to teen stuff and this really applies.

  • Great tips. I just finished this age with the last of mine. We enjoyed a lifetime of roadtrips and fun. I also found that if they have a voice in what is happening and in the planning they are more likely to love what is going on. We’re leaving in the morning for our yearly beach roadtrip and it’s even more fun with young adults!

  • Alea Milham

    Great tips. We have a wide point spread on our children, so we are constantly trying to balance the needs of our kids despite their different ages and stages.

  • Katie Hale

    Best vacations I had as a teen included my friends getting to go along. That is one of the best tips ever!

  • Tatanisha Worthey

    Great tips! The twins are moving more into being tweens- teens and I’m seeing the same thing and how they interact with their little brother on our road trips.

  • notageek4u

    I think it’s so much easier in taking a teen on a trip. Food and music….they’re good to go! Lol

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