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No Butts About It! Clever Ways to Use Huggies Wipes at Walmart

Other uses for baby wipes
Baby wipes aren’t just for little bottoms anymore. Check out these clever uses for every room in your home!

New Uses for Huggies Wipes

When you raise three small children, there’s never any shortage of baby wipes. And though we’d be lying if we said we weren’t thrilled to have moved past the diaper stage, we have found many cool uses for wipes. Now? You can find baby wipes in almost every room of our house.

Our family prefers Huggies® Simply Clean® wipes at Walmart. They’re the only ones on the market with TripleClean™ technology. They do a great job at almost any task, and they don’t leave behind the greasy, waxy residue we found in other wipes. No residue means we are able to use them on a ton of different surfaces, from wooden tables to tablet screens. Want to get more out of every box?


Wipes are great as a detailer in the bathroom if you have guests coming, or if you just need to do a quick clean up. They do everything, from getting rid of soap scum to cleaning up the toothpaste our kids invariably leave on the counters. They’re also handy if you need to clean up small messes in wooden cabinets where you don’t want to get the surface too wet.

Dining room

Our kids love finger foods, and they love making messes with their food even more! Wipes are great not only for wiping down their hands and faces, but also for table and chairs where our kids always leave streaks and smudges. It saves us from having to use half a roll of paper towels or washing the dish towels every night.


Microwaves are great for heating and cooking in flash. But sometimes, in our haste to get dinner moving, we sometimes make a mess of the inside. Huggies® wipes work way better than spraying a bunch of chemicals. Wipes are also awesome for cleaning the gunk that builds up in the angles and creases of our faucet.

Laundry Room

Toss the stain stick and grab a wipe! We use wipes to pretreat and clean soiled clothes. They work especially well on food, blood, soda, or makeup stains. Wipes are gentle on the fabric. In fact, sometimes moistening the wipe and letting it sit on the stain does the trick without any scrubbing at all.


Low- to no-residue wipes like Huggies® Simply Clean® are great for wiping down your smartphone, tablet, computer screens, and keyboards. They quickly clean fingerprints and debris and leave our devices smudge and dust free.


Wipes are great for quickly cleaning your car’s dashboard. We’ve found they also work well for getting sand out of cracks and crevices—important if you live near the beach like we do. The wipes get into the nooks and crannies the vacuum can’t. The same goes for inside the house when the sand gets tracked in. Grab a wipe, and it picks up the sand almost like a magnet.


Most wipes come in a great reusable container like the Huggies® Wipes Pop-Up Tub. The kids love to store everything in them and fill them with coins, crayons, puzzle pieces, and LEGOs. The containers are durable and easy to open and close, and they’re just the right size for a lot of their projects.

If you’d like to watch clever baby videos with grownups using wipes beyond just the bathroom or baby changing table, head over to Huggies Wipes at Walmart!

How do you use your wipes?

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Robert Pelletier

Robert Pelletier

Robert is a corporate executive by day, and pro diaper changer / child chauffeur by night. He is married with three children. He is actively involved in both professional and community volunteer work, including coaching and mentoring local youth.

  • I never thought of using wipes to treat soiled laundry. Great tip and great post, thanks.

  • Casie

    I love them to clean dust and crumbs out of the front of the car!

  • tara pittman

    I use wipes to clean my toilet. I love them in the car too.

  • I thought I was the only one that used them in the garage! Great for cleaning up spills.

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