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Find Your “Follow All” Followers on Pinterest

Find Your Follow All Pinterest Followers
Some PR firms have recently begun to ask bloggers for our "Follow All" followers. Here's why they care and how to find this number!

Find Your Follow All Pinterest Followers

When applying for sponsored opportunities with brands, some PR firms have recently begun to ask bloggers for our “Follow All” followers. Surprisingly, this is not easy to find! We’ll tell you why they care and show you the quick and accurate way to find this number.

Pinterest now combines all of your unique followers, the total of all individuals following any of your boards, into your “Followers” count on your profile page.

Pinterest All Followers

If you usually promote your main Pinterest profile or your boards are cohesive and most people tend to “Follow” all of your boards using the button on your main profile, the number of people following all of your boards will be similar to your total follower count. Awesome! 

Sometimes, bloggers will promote just one board or only one board will get a boost in followers. For example, if Pinterest features one of your boards in their e-newsletter (lucky!), your follower count for that board could spike. This one board provides a great audience reach for anything pinned to it and the unique followers add to your total profile follower count. 

But a total Followers count generated mostly from one board doesn’t guarantee a brand will get the full follower exposure.  If you choose to pin the sponsored content you create for them to another board, they could miss out. (Don’t forget this when pinning your own content!)

Brands can’t accurately tell from your profile page what they are going to get if they work with you. When they ask for your “Follow All” number, they are requesting the number of people who want to follow everything you pin. They know that no matter what board you pin it on, you’ll potentially reach that number of followers at a minimum.

Here’s the “quick and dirty” way to find the number of followers following all of your Pinterest boards. Seriously – it’s only two steps!

1. Navigate to your Pinterest profile page and create a new board.

Create A New Pinterest Board  

2. Look at the follower number on your brand new board.

Follow All Pinterest Followers

That’s it!

The followers shown when you create a new board equal the number of followers that follow all of your boards. All of your boards will have the opportunity to reach at least this number of followers when you pin to them. 

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