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Kid-Friendly Recipes for a Happy Thanksgiving

Recipes for Kids Thanksgiving
These holiday recipes are sure to please your little ones' taste buds!

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving

Almost all parents know the challenge of getting kids to eat foods with certain tastes, colors, and textures, especially when those dishes only come around once a year. We’ve collected an assortment of classic Thanksgiving side dishes and desserts – with a twist! Kids will at least be intrigued by the smorgasbord of sights, smells, and tastes we’ve rounded up for the holiday.

Thanks to all of the amazing recipe authors who offered their contributions to this sponsored post collection for Appeal to even the most persnickety young diner with these Kid-Friendly Recipes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Carissa Pelletier

Carissa Pelletier

Carissa became the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Grown Ups after a career in the medical field and academia. She is married and has three (very) loud and active kids. She enjoys loose leaf tea, her kids' inventive bedtime stories, and the (apparently futile) notion of work-life balance.

  • tara pittman

    This is a great way to get kids to learn about cooking. I love having my kids cook with me.

  • Great list of dishes. I am thankful that my kids aren’t very picky. They eat most of the dishes we fix and they skip the ones they don’t like. We have a huge assortment of food, pot luck style.

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