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We asked… Life Lessons

We asked... Life Lessons - Grown Ups Magazine
We asked our readers: "We sometimes learn life's lessons the hard way. Will you share your experiences and advice with your kids or allow them to learn on their own?"

We asked... Life Lessons - Grown Ups Magazine

“We sometimes learn life’s lessons the hard way. Will you share your experiences and advice with your kids or allow them to learn on their own?”

I will definitely share experiences with my children, but not everything.
– Stefani Tolson

I am always teaching my kids by either sharing my life stories or from the experiences of my now adult kids. I think that you can never teach too much to prepare kids these days! Wish my mom had tried this method.
Aimee, House of Fauci’s

I think a little bit of both. I will share my experience but I also know that my kids have to learn for themselves.
– Jeannette Fender

I’m sure everyone uses a combination. One thing I did with my son when he was younger to help him learn about choices regarding money was to let him decide. The options on the weekend were we could A) go to the movies OR B) he could get an action figure. So he learned that getting one meant giving up the other, and that there is a limit to what we have in our wallets. He also got to consider the difference of a shared experience and memories, versus a physical object he could keep but may lose interest in.
Felita Daniels, Lilac Reviews

My only child (daughter) is headed to NYU in a month (I am very sad, but I’m not selfish, she needs to spread her wings just like I did when I was her age). I have shared with her my experiences and we have always had an excellent “friend” relationship; however, there are certain things that as a parent we cannot avoid but letting them learn on their own and give that freedom. This will make her stronger and more responsible.
Myrah Duque, Coupon Mamacita

I will be doing both. I want both my kids to know my husband and I’s experiences but in certain situations I want to be able to learn life lessons on their own.
– Trisha Grimes

A bit of both; balance is key. I share enough to keep them informed and leave back enough to let them learn life lessons too! Financially I have taught them to live within their means and earn their treats…again, within limits. Some things are essential and no child should be made to beg or work to receive them. Luxuries are a different thing all together. This makes them more responsible, yet secure and confident individuals who appreciate what they have and their parent’s ability to provide.
Julie Kalungi

Please share your life lessons or advice with us on this topic!

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