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7 Qualities of a Super Dad

7 Qualities of a Super Dad
Research indicates that a father’s presence and involvement in a child’s life contribute to higher grades, better self-esteem, lower drug and alcohol use, and higher social and academic success.

7 Qualities of a Super Dad

William Shakespeare once said, “It is a wise father that knows his own child.” And while there are many circumstances that may make it difficult for fathers to fully engage with their children, including divorce or deployment, fathers are invaluable and irreplaceable.

In fact, research indicates that a father’s presence and involvement in a child’s life contribute to higher grades, better self-esteem, lower drug and alcohol use, and higher social and academic success.

There are seven dimensions of effective fathering that result in good parenting. Fathers don’t need to exhibit all seven traits to be effective, but it is a case of “more is better.” While some of them are challenging to perform in cases of separation, all offer benefits to children.

1. Fostering a positive relationship with the children’s mother. Fathers set the tone for the children’s interaction with their mother. Displaying acts of respect, consideration, and affection (when appropriate) helps children learn by example. Fathers who demonstrate positive conflict resolution through compromise and forgiveness also have a strong impact on children.

2. Spending time with children. Children equate time with love. A father who spends time with his children is actually demonstrating interest and enthusiasm in the child’s life.

3. Nurturing children. A father’s style of nurturing is different than a mother’s style. Regardless, fathers should be responsive to their children’s needs and act accordingly.

4. Serving as a guide to the world. The world can be a scary place to a child. A father who helps a child navigate the world properly with a set of core beliefs and life experiences helps prepare the child for adulthood.

5. Using appropriate discipline. The basis of the word “discipline” is “to teach with love.” Fathers who maintain self-control as well as control of emotions and hands are more effective at discipline than those who do not. The goal of discipline is to teach the child, not to punish or humiliate. Good fathers know this and act accordingly.

6. Protecting and providing. Modern forms of protection can include childproofing a home, monitoring online media, or knowing their children’s friends. Research shows that disadvantaged environments suffer when few fathers are available to supervise children, which includes their own children as well as neighborhood children.

7. Serving as a positive role model. A father’s actions and beliefs strongly influence his children. The amount of influence is directly related to the amount of time a father spends with his children. Fathers should exhibit behaviors they want their children to imitate and display.

Parenthood is not easy, and sometimes less than ideal circumstances interfere with even the best intentions. Recognizing the unique role fathers play in a child’s life can help refocus those good intentions for the child’s sake.

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Crystal Plante

Crystal Plante

Crystal is a teacher, reading specialist, freelance writer, author, and married mother of four. In her spare time—or whatever spare time a mother of four has—she enjoys reading, cooking, watching television, and volunteering in her community. Crystal is an unabashed chocoholic and a long-suffering (but recently redeemed) fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. You can visit her website at

  • Great post Crystal and we are a role model for our children. They’re a sponge watching our every move not just how we treat them but how we treat others also. Lead by example is an understatement!

    Great Job and Happy Holidays! Mike

    • Liran Hirschkorn

      Nice to see a great dad like Mike comment on this post! Being involved in your child’s life is critical and also very rewarding.

      • Back at you Liran. We’re the example for our little ones and I’m doing my best to raise 3 amazing future entrepreneurs. Happy Thanksgiving ~ Mike

        • Liran Hirschkorn

          Thank you! You too!

  • Patricia

    good points! great job on the article!

  • PurificWaterUSA

    I loved reading this. My husband is a super dad to my 1 1/2 year old son. I think it should be a requirement for people to take a parenting class of some kind before having children. 🙂

  • David Simons

    This was a great read and I truly am grateful for reading this because I am an aspiring to become a father some day, and I want to prepare as much as possible.

  • Clive Maloney

    What a lovely post. I particularly liked the point about have a positive relationship with the mother. So many people criticise and berate when they can show affection.

  • Daveda

    A fathers influence is so important. I feel the same as Clive, I loved the point about nurturing a positive relationship with the mother. That’s truly is being a GREAT father.

  • pixystik4u

    being a role model is the best a dad can do

  • Katie

    Good Daddy’s are hard to come by these days. These qualities are very important.

  • Jen St Germain Leeman

    This is so very true. I feel so fortunate to be married to a man who is a gentle, caring and loving father to his two children.

  • So true! I feel like one of the lucky ones to both have one of these and that my children do too. I think the world needs more of this type of guy.

  • Diane Nassy

    Love this. I am truly daddy’s little girl and my dad has all of these qualities.

  • Tatanisha Worthey

    Parenthood is not easy and being a great Dad can add more pressure. These are great tips, and I’m thankful that my boys have a Super Dad!!

  • notageek4u

    These are super nice qualities! I’m going to be an amazing dad (tooting my own horn!). 😀

  • Jim Davey

    well this explains why i’m all f’d up

  • Angela Todd

    These are great tips! In my home, Dad is also keeper of the bawdy sense of humor (you know, toot jokes!), and I hear that’s a common and beloved fatherly tradition in many families, haha. Thanks Crystal, always like your articles!

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