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Best Chicken Recipes for Guests with Dietary Restrictions

Guests with Dietary Restrictions
When planning a get-together, it's more common than ever to get a special request from one (or more!) of your guests!

Guests with Dietary Restrictions

When planning a get-together, it’s more common than ever to get a special request from one (or more!) of your guests. It can be a challenge to accommodate everyone.

Our favorite strategy is to design a menu with dietary restrictions in mind while still offering great tasting dishes anyone could enjoy. It won’t be obvious to most of your guests, but those with special dietary needs will appreciate the effort!

We’ve collected what we think is a vibrant and diverse group of chicken recipes for this sponsored post for Delight your gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, or paleo guests with these 16 Best Chicken Recipes for Guests with Dietary Restrictions.

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Carissa Pelletier

Carissa Pelletier

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  • Virginia @thatbaldchick

    My friends chuckle, because I am always the one asking if they have dietary restrictions when someone is coming over for dinner. You can never be too careful, though!

  • Stephanie Keeping

    Chicken is my go to meat for meals.

  • We eat so much chicken in this house. I am always looking for new ways to prepare it for dinner.

  • Digna Dreibelbis

    Ditto…we eat a lot of chicken and fish and are always looking for new recipes or ways to prepare. Thank you for sharing.

  • Lynda Self

    Those Caribbean Chicken Thighs look mighty tasty. Give me some rice and a fork and I will be ready to eat them.

  • Crystal

    Having family members with some dietary restrictions, I know how tricky it can be to find one meal to serve that will appeal to everyone. These are some great options.

  • Lee Allport

    I’m scared to find out if my family has dietary allergies. It will limit so much. But of course I understand the importance. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wonderful collection! I’m always looking for new chicken recipes!

  • Mellisa Swigart

    What a great list of recipes. We are always looking for new ways to cook chicken.

  • Robin Gagnon

    It is so important in this day and age to have at least a few good recipes that fit the common food restrictions on hand.

  • Rachel Young

    Love this list, I’ll have to come back to this when my brother comes to visit!

  • Doodle741

    The baked chicken with green beans and dutch potatoes looks amazing!

  • I can always use more chicken recipes, thank you for this!

  • I used to be a big fan of chicken before becoming a vegetarian. Great list! 🙂

  • Kimberly Grabinski

    This is a great list, so many people have dietary restrictions these days!

  • Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    It’s something we all need to consider nowadays. This is a great collection.

  • Jennifer H

    We eat a lot of chicken. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Shell Feis

    What a great collection! My husband follows the Paleo diet so those chicken fingers in cauliflower bread crumbs sound amazing!

  • homemom3

    The Creamy chicken and mushroom saute sounds delicious. I love my cream of mushroom soup poured over baked chicken and rice. I bought a whole chicken the other day I need to go cook up so off to find a recipe on the site.

  • Isra Hashmi

    Great list, very helpful when having company over, thanks!

  • Tonia Olson Walsh

    Thanks for this info. I am dairy free.

  • joan tazisalady

    Wow great recipes. I will definitely use them

  • Lisa Coomer Queen

    These are some great recipes. Great for the ones with dietary issues like myself. Thanks,

  • Viv Sluys

    I love that this list includes so many different dietary restrictions

  • jessica hackett

    great list for all the different food needs out there

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