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The Benefits of Gardening with Kids

Teaching Kids to Garden
We bring you four ways gardening isn’t just about a nice yard or fresh vegetables—it’s about growing your relationship with your child.

Gardening with Kids

Gardening is a wonderful hobby for adults and kids alike, and a healthy crop of fresh flowers or veggies is just one of the benefits.

When you involve your child in gardening with you, you are contributing to their physical and mental health in several very positive ways.

It’s a great workout.

Clearing land, preparing soil, spreading mulch, and digging are all ways to work muscles we don’t normally use on a daily basis. Getting kids out to the garden is a great way to boost physical activity in a way that’s fun, even for kids who aren’t naturally athletic.

It’s a mood booster.

Some studies have shown that there are actually anti-depressant properties in dirt. Getting some dirt under your kids’ nails and a healthy dose of vitamin D from working outside are natural ways to lift your kids’ spirits.

Gardening also keeps them away from attention-sucking computer and television screens. Breathing in some fresh air and connecting with nature is a nice departure from solitary indoor activities. Gardening time is also the perfect opportunity to have great conversations with your kids.

It’s educational.

Planting a garden with your kids, whether it’s a large plot of land or a few pots on a balcony, is an opportunity to teach. Kids learn about what plants are native to their area, how to nourish seeds, and what conditions plants need to grow. It also encourages study in science, specifically ecology, in a unique, hands-on way.

It’s rewarding.

Few activities are as rewarding as planting a garden. Watching flowers, fruits, vegetables, or herbs grow from seeds they planted gives kids a sense of accomplishment. Planting a sunflower seed and watching as the flower grows tall enough to tower over them is exciting—and satisfying.

Involving kids in the gardening process from seed to harvest shows them with work and patience they can create something wonderful. The skills they learn can last a lifetime.

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Jen Leeman

Jen Leeman

Jen Leeman is a working mom whose passion is writing. She lives at the Jersey Shore with her husband, tween daughter, 2 big goofy dogs and a cat named Roger. She writes about her love of vegan food, gardening, casual entertaining and shore living at her blog Driftwood Gardens.

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