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We Asked… Kid Convos

We asked... Kid Conversations - Grown Ups Magazine - We asked our readers: Do you ask your kids how their day went?
We asked our readers: Do you ask your kids how their day went?

Kid Conversations
At this year’s end, we asked our readers:

Do you ask your kids how their day went? Where do you usually have this conversation?

I always ask how there day went the moment they walk in the door. I’ll also ask one negative and one positive of their day during dinner conversation. We go around the table so each person gets a turn. This shows me what I may need to watch (or congratulate).
Elizabeth Ferree

I ask my 6-year-old son each day I pick him up from school how his day was. I also ask, “What was the favorite part of your day?” I want him to know how important he is to me, and I feel showing interest in his daily life is a great way to show that.
Jennifer H. 

This is a really special nightly ritual between my husband and our daughter. I normally ask our daughter, Gidget, how her day went when she comes home from school, and we talk about the ups and downs, but there’s something special about the unique conversations father and daughter have each night, and how those chats have evolved over the years. They curl up together in a huge chair in our daughter’s bedroom and over the years the questions have gone from “My day was good, daddy, I built a really cool castle out of the pink and purple blocks,” to “My day was AWESOME dad! I stomped out that butter on my board today, and I got 100% on my math test. Did you like math when you were a kid? Were you good at it? Am I like you when it comes to math?” I can only imagine what those conversations will be like when she grows into a teenager and a beautiful young woman. 
Audrey H. 

I always ask my kids how their day went and what they learned the minute they’re buckled into their seatbelt. 
– Miranda Lawton

I ask my 3-year-old son his favorite part of the day when we are snuggling before bed. 
Julie M.

We’d love it if you let us know more about conversations with your children!

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