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We asked… Friendship

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We asked: What advice would you give your younger self – or your kids – about friendship?

Kids and Friendship

What advice would you give your younger self – or your kids – about friendship?

Just today I was trying to convince my middle schooler that what other people thought of him was none of his business. He’s not buying it, but I wish somebody had at least introduced the idea to me as a kid! I’m not giving up, and I’ll explain it again when it comes up for me.
Angela Todd, Funnermother: Let’s get fun

Your girlfriends are one of your most prized assets – do not ever take that for granted. Always be a good friend – no matter what. Make time for them – it’s THAT important. There will come a time when you need those friends, and by being a good friend always, you will know without a doubt that you have people there for you. There is no worse feeling than lonely. Be a good friend and honor your relationships so you never have to feel that.
– Lynsey Jones

I have told my son that he needs to find friends that treat him right and value him as a person. If they are always cutting him down and calling him names, then he needs to ask himself if they are really friends.
Leah K.

Virginia Higgins Be the friend to others that you want others to be for you.
Virginia H.

Listen to your parents. They are “mostly” right.
– Elizabeth Pyo

Be yourself. If you’re true to who you are, you’ll attract friends that understand you.

Don’t wait for your friends to call or make plans, take the initiative. It takes effort on both sides to maintain a friendship!
Michelle B.

Tell us: What advice would you give?

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