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The More The… Merrier? Preparing For Baby Number 3

Baby Number Three
What happens when life throws you a little curve ball of joy?

Baby on the Way

It seems that with parenting, as with most things in life, the only thing constant is change. As soon as we feel like we’ve gotten a handle on one part of our journey, we reach another—and adapt. For our family, our challenge has been adjusting to having two children—one of whom is school-aged now—rather than one.

It’s been tough, full of equal parts struggle and joy. With the end of the school year near approaching, however, we’ve found a sort of groove. I can even navigate grocery stores, malls, and doctors’ offices with impressive ease—all with two kids in tow!

You could say I’ve finally gotten the hang of things.

And then? Curve ball. I found out I was pregnant with baby number three. This summer our just-adjusted family of four will grow to five! The youngest will be only two years apart (compared to the four years between the first two kids), and we’ll be back to square one for learning and adjusting.

Adjusting to another car seat in an already cramped backseat.

Adjusting to juggling three kids on outings.

Adjusting to having two children in diapers—at the same time!

But mostly, we’ll be adjusting to the overwhelming feeling of love and pride that comes with watching another human being come into this world.

Another miracle.

Another person to love.

(And if we’re honest, another mouth to feed.)

Though there are many uncertainties, there is one thing I am certain about.

There will be no lack of love!

Going from one child to two, I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough of me to go around. Now that I’ve adjusted to multiple children, I know better: Whether it’s two, three, or even seven children, there will always be an endless supply of love.

So, how am I preparing for baby number three? I’m sitting back, relaxing as much as I can, and letting the good times roll!

Do you have any tips for preparing for and welcoming a third child into the fold?

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Cyndi is a full time Wife, Mom and Entrepreneur. She works hard to balance Faith, Family, and Career, all while making time for herself in the process; and encourages other parents to do the same!

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