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Being Kind Counts Challenge – How Does Your Garden Grow?

Being Kind Counts
Step up and take action with the Being Kind Counts Challenge!

Being Kind Counts

Be kind to others. Do a good deed. Pay it forward. Random acts of kindness. 

These sayings are everywhere from our Facebook feeds to the holy book. But do they mean anything unless we get up and take action?

That’s what the Being Kind Counts Challenge is all about.

Being Kind Counts Challenge

With three pre-schoolers at home, I always try to find ways to incorporate learning about the world into our daily routine. Today, we sat down for breakfast and I asked them what types of things would be kind to do. Answers ranged from “say please,” to “be nice,” and “help make breakfast.” (They’re 5 and under, after all!)

We jumped at the chance to participate in the Challenge. We had ideas ready, but we ultimately chose to help our neighbor by picking up sticks and brush from their yard and landscaping. They began early this morning cutting down a large tree and the debris made quite a mess. Little fingers and lots of energy were just what the clean up job required!

We didn’t finish the entire yard, but what little we did accomplish succeeded in both helping others and instilling a sense of giving to our community. Over time, we’ll do many good deeds and I hope this encourages our kids to volunteer on their own and spread kindness!

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Carissa Pelletier

Carissa Pelletier

Carissa became the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Grown Ups after a career in the medical field and academia. She is married and has three (very) loud and active kids. She enjoys loose leaf tea, her kids' inventive bedtime stories, and the (apparently futile) notion of work-life balance.

  • Jana | Merlot Mommy

    It’s so important to raise the next generation to be good people! Giving back is such a great way to show them how to help others.

  • Jen St Germain Leeman

    What a wonderful challenge to do with your kids. It’s things like this that are going to make the world a better place for our children!

  • I love this! Teaching our children about kindness can, and will, go a long way in making the world a better place!

  • Katie

    I think it’s really important to teach our kids to help others! Great challenge!

  • Sounds like a great plan. This is important to learn.

  • Sadie

    Great challenge. 🙂

  • Tatanisha Worthey

    I totally love this idea! We should always be kind and pay it forward!

  • Diane Nassy

    What a cute idea. Perfect lesson for kids.

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