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Clean Clothes, But Messy Laundry Room? Our Top Organization Tips!

Organize your Laundry Shelf
Dryer sheets on the floor, detergent drips inside (and sometimes outside!) the washer, and lint balls just about everywhere? We can help!

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When we think of doing laundry, we usually equate it with transforming our dirty, smelly clothes and linen to a clean and freshly-scented state. If your house is anything like ours, your clothes end up clean while the laundry room itself becomes a mess! The room ends up a train wreck with dryer sheets on the floor, detergent drips inside (and sometimes outside!) the washer, and lint balls just about everywhere!

On top of all that, our family’s skin is easily irritated and we’ve tried various detergents, softeners, and other products. We wanted to avoid redness and rashes without sacrificing clean clothes, towels, and sheets. We rarely end up returning the ones that don’t work so they’re usually stored in the laundry room like everything else.

Our family is #FreeToBe when I don’t have to worry about harsh dyes or detergent residue causing irritation. So I was inspired by all® free clear to clean more than just clothes this laundry day!

Here are 3 easy steps to clear the laundry clutter. As you systematically organize the room, create similar questions for yourself.

1. Focus on the task at hand – The first step in our organization process is sorting the items currently in the laundry room. Ruthlessly remove anything unrelated to your laundry process, with the exception of cleaning supplies or other dedicated storage areas that may already be a part of the room. Try to minimize clutter and distractions from the primary chore when possible.

Does this water hardness test belong in the laundry room or could it fit in better elsewhere in the home (like the shelf next to the water softener in the garage)?

Can we donate the unused, three-sizes-too-small baby clothes taking up space in this drawer?

Don’t these shoes belong in the closet near the front door?

2. De-clutter your laundry supplies – Determine the suitability and efficacy of the laundry supplies on hand. Like us, you have likely succumbed to marketing messages about how each liquid or spray is better than the last one. And don’t forget those regretful impulse buys.

Have we used this electric fabric pill remover in the last year? Have we ever really used it?

Didn’t we realize this spray pre-treater doesn’t really lift stains and a trip to the trash is long overdue?

We only use this “As Seen on TV” dryer lint vacuum less than once a year. Could we store it in the garage and take it inside only when needed?

3. Consider a swap – You spend money on water, gas, electricity, and detergent products to clean your clothes. It all adds up. Evaluate each part of the process.

Are we using a liquid detergent plus a separate container of oxygen powder? all® free clear offers a liquid detergent with the power of oxygen: all® free clear Oxi Liquid Detergent.

Our washer has a softener cup so could we save time spent sweeping up dryer sheets by replacing them with a liquid? Try all® free clear Fabric Softener Liquid.

Are we spending time cleaning blue liquid detergent from every surface and would save time using a detergent packet instead? all® free clear mighty pacs keep things dry!

While we’re on the topic of paring down our laundry clutter, what about the ingredients in our detergent? Did you know all® free clear laundry detergent has only 9 ingredients? That’s less than half those in Tide Free & Gentle. We can use all® free clear on delicates, bathing suits, underwear, or washcloths without wondering if we’ll harm the fabric or our sensitive skin.

Want to try all® free clear now? Here’s a $1 off coupon for any all free clear product.

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Tell us, how do you simplify your laundry process or other household duties?


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Carissa Pelletier

Carissa Pelletier

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  • Robin Rue

    I actually don’t mind laundry, but I think your tips will help keep me even more organized!! Love the swap idea.

  • Avry Byington

    I go back and forth with an immaculate vs. messy laundry room. I have a catch all shelf and it stacks up pretty fast! I de clutter it once a week. I do use ALL liquid for my laundry soap! 🙂

  • Jeannette

    I so need to declutter my laundry supplies. My laundry room is such a mess that I don’t even want to go in there! Hopefully this will inspire me to make some changes!

  • shopwithmemamakim

    I hate my laundry room right now. It gets me angry, LOL. It is so cluttered and SMALL. Drives me nuts!

  • owensmom

    Oh, yes, I need to do some serious decluttering around here. I tend to set things somewhere… then forget about them and they take up space. Time to purge!

  • Jasmine Espinal

    My laundry room is the worse! I organize it and by next week its back to the same thing.

  • Jennifer H

    What great ideas for staying organized! I like All products – we use them often.

  • Doodle741

    I keep All products on-hand all the time. I have a pretty good system, but I need to clean out my shelf!

  • Alicia Vanatta

    Great tips! I am always needing to organize my laundry room

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