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Simple Tricks for Photographing Your Child

Photographing Your Child
Children are notoriously difficult to photograph, so use these tips to make sure you capture great photos of the child in your life.

Simple Tricks for Photographing Your Child

Don’t wait for a special occasion to pull out the camera! Some of the best and most memorable photographs are taken in the course of day-to-day life. Children are notoriously difficult to photograph, though, so use these tips to make sure you capture great photos of the child in your life:

Shoot all the time

Candid shots often capture images in a way that no staged shot ever could. One of the best pictures I have of my youngest son is of him asleep in his car seat on Halloween, trick-or-treat bag clutched in his sleeping hand. Shoot pictures often and in everyday situations and marvel at how humdrum experiences can be so profound.

Turn off the flash

People do not like having a blinding flash repeatedly firing at them. Natural lighting can help eliminate unnatural shadows or coloring in the picture. When shooting outside, be aware of the position of the sun. You don’t want to blind your little darling, but you also don’t want the sun directly behind him, casting shadows across his face.

Distract them

Puppets, bubbles, funny hats, peek-a-boo, a silly face, a joke . . . whatever it takes to make your child smile naturally while looking at the camera. Or don’t let your children know they’re being photographed for an even better, candid feel.

Get on their level

Shooting directly above your subject—any subject—won’t result in a flattering picture. Photographers suggest getting down to the eye level of the child. You may have to kneel, you may have to lie down, you may have to climb that tree, but a great picture will be your reward.

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  • G.s. Marjara

    So simple suggestions that even an no click happy like me can do home photography. Thanks.

  • I love candid shots so much more than staged ones, they are so full of life and personality 🙂

  • Sophie Bowns

    Ahh that’s so cute. I love natural pictures 🙂

  • pixystik4u

    just keep shooting and eventually a good shot will come up!

  • Hanna

    I like the idea of staying on the same level as your child. And I have quite a collection of photos of the back of my kid’s heads as they run away from me!

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  • Michelle Salais

    Yes! I do all of this when taking pictures of the kids. I have lots, and lots, of wonderful pictures. 🙂

  • Jana | Merlot Mommy

    there are some great tips here! Don’t forget the bird’s eye view, too… makes for fun angles!

  • Jen St Germain Leeman

    I really appreciate these tips. My best shots are usually still life and I do need work on my portrait and candid photography. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great tips! Luckily the practice is fun!

  • Love the tips! I struggle with taking pictures, especially moving objects. Going to have to give these a try and do lots of practice!

  • Katie

    Kids are so hard to photograph! Great tips!

  • Diane Nassy

    Great tips. It’s so hard to capture great pics of younger children.

  • Slap Dash Mom

    I love these tips, I really suck at taking pictures!

  • Tatanisha Worthey

    These are great tips! I am trying to get better at taking photos! Thank you!

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  • Emma Craig

    Great tips! I try not to say “smile” (even when I’m thinking it!) because I love the candid, real moments better!

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