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Teens & Sexting

Teens & Sexting - Grown Ups Magazine - Your teen’s texting habits might surprise you
Need another reason to monitor your child’s media? A recent report shows that over a quarter of teens aged 14-19 have sent nude pictures of themselves electronically.

Teens & Sexting - Grown Ups Magazine - Your teen’s texting habits might surprise you

Need another reason to monitor your child’s media habits?

A recent report indicates that more than a quarter of teens aged 14–19 have sent nude pictures of themselves electronically, either through the Internet or by text message. These teens were more than twice as likely to have sex than teens who had not sent nude pictures.

The question of which comes first, sexting or sex, is irrelevant. Monitor your children’s activities, and keep the lines of communication open.

Your turn!

How has technology helped or hurt your relationship with children at home or in the classroom?

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  • Beth Kovinsky Blacker

    I have always told my kids my job is not to be their friend but to be their parent. They may not like some of the restrictions in terms of technology at times but I have to believe it ultimately helps them make much better choices.

  • Like Beth, I am not my kids’ friend. That comes when they have successfully navigated their way to adulthood. For now, my job is to teach them how to choose wisely and help them to avoid the cliffs of adolescence. We are a very tech family, and my kids have always known that I have full access to all of their electronic activity as long as they live in my house. We have also always stressed the importance of wise usage of technology. So far, so good.

  • Jackie Harder

    Don’t have kids and the only people I teach are adults, but even adults need to be reminded: Cyberspace is forever. Think before you share!

  • Shelley Webb

    When my daughter left for college, she would not be my Facebook friend. I sent a note that said “If Mom is not your FB friend, then Mom does not send money for incidentals”. Voila – FB friends. However, the minute she graduated, she unfriended me. Thankfully, she is an excellent citizen of the universe and has become successful in her own right.

  • Lorii Abela

    It is important indeed to monitor your kids’ activities. Also, keeping the lines of communication open is essential in every relationship especially in families. In what ways do you monitor your kids’ activities?

  • Kristin S

    Yikes! Thankfully my kids are too young to even think about anything like that, but it scares me what they will have to deal with in a few years!

  • De-Clutter Bug

    I tried very hard to monitor my kid’s activities but with SnapChat and other things it is almost impossible for parents to control now. My kids are now in college so there is no monitoring of anything but when they were home I was one of the few parents that monitored what they were doing on the computer and what they were watching on TV. I just always felt like kids should have an opportunity to be kids and not be faced with so much stuff that is presented to them through TV and Internet.

  • FreedomtoExplore.Org

    its not a question of monitoring your kids activities, monitor what you say around them. They don’t always know the difference between rhetoric and dialogue

  • pixystik4u

    they don’t realize how things can travel quickly and ruin a reputation

  • Jen Leeman

    That is a very scary statistic. As the parent of a nine year old girl the teen years looming are frightening. I appreciate and read anything I can to keep myself abreast of the “trends” with teens, popular culture and social media usage.

  • I’m happy that my youngest just left teenagedom! Technology brought us together in many ways. I was always there to monitor things and be a good example.

  • Tatanisha Worthey

    Oh I totally agree with you. I am not there yet, but I definitely monitor my tweens activity!

  • Alea Milham

    As a parent I love that my kids can contact me at any time, but there are additional dangers that come with the phone. It is so important for parent to monitor computer and phone usage!

  • Katie Hale

    Having kids that are still so young this hasn’t been an issue. I do believe we have good open relationships with our boys and hope we can keep that as they grow up. Maybe we can approach these things openly with them.

  • Nichole

    phew. as a child i was so paranoid that who ever I was talking to on the other end could totally not be who they said , I was never in this position.. but my parents kind of were old school and so am I in a lot of ways.

  • notageek4u

    This would be why my nieces and nephews do not have phones or other devices like that.

  • Sadie

    I love social media for myself. I hate it for my children. Ugh.

  • Taylor Speikers

    I hope my daughter feels trusting enough to open up about stuff like this with me.

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